Can Social Escorts Be The Key To Stimulating Singapore Marriage Rates?

Can Social Escorts Be The Key To Stimulating Singapore Marriage Rates?


Now, if you have just read the title, you must be scratching your head right now. How can social escorts possibly help improve the marriage rates in Singapore? Everyone knows that more Singaporeans are staying single over the years and hence low marriages rates. Social escorts will probably only cause it to dwindle even more! Not true, and here are the reasons why.

First up, if social escorts were more mainstream, those guys who just want the girlfriend experience but not the commitment can just go for these service providers instead, since they are doing it professionally. This will mean that those guys who are not serious about marriage will not be finding and dating SG girls who are actually looking for marriage, and hence freeing up these girls for guys who are serious about it. If you think that Singaporeans only date seriously, then think again. The truth is that in Singapore, many singles have never dated with marriage in mind right from the get go! While this may come as a surprise to some, it is not to us.

Second of all, one of the key reason why some people do note get into serious relationships is actually because of some kind or combination of bad past experience that they had with previous partners. They get hurt, and when this happens often enough with different partners and relationships, these women may not want to date seriously again. However, if escorts are booked more often by these play boys, then they can have fun with these service providers and escorts while not hurting innocent girls who are not expecting such potential heartbreaks!

To put it simply, escorts and the girlfriend experience will help these men who still want to play around find their satisfaction and enjoyment, while women and men who are utterly serious about long term love relationships will be able to find each other easier instead, without charming playboys affecting these otherwise potentially beautiful relationships from happening! This way, everyone will remain happy, and Singapore’s marriage rates may increase too!

We understand the above may be a very contrarian view, but that is what our blog is all about!

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