Looking For Social Escorts For the Girlfriend Experience GFE – Worth It?

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If you are looking for the girlfriend experience GFE without any strings attached, are social escorts worth your time and money? After all, paid companions or escorts are a popular way to make your trip to Singapore or otherwise more interesting.

Interviewing two different gentlemen on their experiences with Singapore escorts

This article involves the interview of two different guys who have vast experience booking escorts as well as dating sugar babies in Singapore, and so they are able to anonymously reply my questions with respect to this matter! Therefore, if you are a Singaporean guy thinking if you should book an escort girl or not for the girlfriend experience GFE, you will potentially get your answer right here!

Jonathan’s story with 2-3 local escort girls back in 2019:

Well, it depends on what you define as girlfriend experience. Some define GFE as French kissing and stuff like that. Others define it as the girl simply pretending ridiculously well as if she is your real girlfriend. Others define it as somewhere in between.

The way I define it is the latter. If that is what you want, you can potentially get it from social escorts. However, it seems like not every provider is equally good, and I am not even referring to the agency or website. I am simply referring to the girl herself. They can come from the same escort website or directory, but are vastly different. While reviews cannot be easily found online in Singapore due to the conservative nature of Singapore, you can usually just ask the escort agency whom usually will tell you candidly which lady is available and is recommended with great reviews.

Gary who meets both escorts and sugar babies in Singapore:

It is all about who acts the best when it comes to these call girls. After all, if they are not your real girlfriend, they are probably just there for your money. It only depends on who can provide the service better. Is it worth it? Yes and yes if you have lots of money to spare. If you don’t, or if you will lose sleep over that money spent, then it won’t be worth it, as you will be judging way too hard.

If the amount spent on these social escorts is nothing but a tiny percent of your monthly income, then you will probably have a great time with them because you won’t be so stressed about the money and instead put the focus on enjoyment. I know friends who can’t really afford booking escorts on a regular basis really stress themselves out as a result of booking them, and then complaining to me about their bad experience last time, but I never had a single bad experience no matter the provider.