Why The Truth In The Singapore Escorts Industry May Surprise You

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Here are some common misconceptions about the social escorts industry in Singapore which may surprise you. Here is the truth about the escorts in Singapore.

It is highly intelligent Singaporean girls who work as and are popular as escorts

It is commonly perceived by typical Singaporeans that it is ‘uneducated’ women who end up being escorts and are also the group being most sought after by male customers. However, the truth cannot be further away from that. In fact, ah lian or ‘uneducated’ Singaporean girls are actually not popular with clients when it comes to escorts in reality and do not necessarily make up the majority of the escorts working in Singapore. Do you know who are the popular escort girls when it comes to customers choices? The educated ones. In fact, there is a further explanation of that here. Most of the popular escorts of Singapore are actually highly educated, eloquent and classy ladies – literally the type of women that make you go wow – and not a crass ah lian.

Most working local escorts in Singapore are more ‘normal’ than the most ‘normal’ girls you know

For some reason, many Singaporeans think that the workers or service providers or girls are quite different from the girl next door. They think that these girls are either money-crazy or are just different from the other SG girls, and that is why they join an escort agency. Not true at all. In fact, many of them are your girl next door or office colleague. They are more ‘normal’ than you may think. In fact, if you ever see that crazy party girl in your office and think that she’s an escort, chances are, you are wrong. It is probably the friendly and somewhat reserved office colleague of yours that is really moonlighting as a social escort.

Contrary to popular belief, social escorts dress quite conservatively on normal days, and even during work

Ever seen a really hot girl wearing slutty clothes in Singapore walking down Orchard road? Yeah, chances are, she is not an escort.

See that hot but decently dressed model like girl but with girl next door vibes too at the same time? Chances are much higher relatively that she is actually a social escort.

The most common Singapore escort age range is actually 24 to 30

Some people in SG think that the workers are usually either super young in their late teens, such as 18 years old or 19 years old, or are much older in their late 30s, but the truth is that these ladies are often in their mid to late 20s. That is the most common age group for those locals.